Friday, January 23, 2009

My Mother, the Baby Boomer!

Much like we talked about in class and as I've mentioned before, people sometimes choose to follow what the media is telling them instead of what we should be telling each other. I love my mother and consider her to be one of the most wonderful women I have ever know. She is not a college graduate and I hope people don't look at that as a form of weakness. She does so much for my family and those around her. Some people in our society, today, might see her as someone who conformed to the old ways of woman staying at home and not being independent. To those who might say this, I say you are wrong. Yes she did stay at home and raise seven boys, but I'm sure we are all great full for what she has done for us boys. She made us into the men we are today. She took us places and attended all our choir and sporting events. Where was my father during all of this? He was at work, but also there to help take care of us boys when he was home. I remember him picking me up after school on his way home from work. He has coached baseball for some of us boys and attended our various activities when he could. Together, not separate, my parents raised me and my six brothers.

I know my parents did their best to raise us to be respectful to woman and to see them as equals. I want to be able for women to be seen as very important in the eyes of men. I want to be able to be married to a woman whom I see as my equal or even better. My father always told me to marry a woman that will make me want to be a better man. You can look at that as not just being a better man, but a better person.

My mother has a strong opinion and is willing to share it with others. I'm pretty sure she is proud of the life she has lived and I hope she regrets none of it. I hope to marry a woman as spiritually and emotionally strong as my own mother. Society needs to leave woman alone. Society needs to let us make the right choices and we can't let media tell us who the "right" woman is. I hope this has all made sense to what we talked about in class. Let me know what you think as classmates.


  1. Thank goodness for moms. I think you are right having your mom as a positive influence can really shape your life. Positive female rolemodels can sometimes be rare. You can visually see the the affect sometimes people have on their character by not having both parents or parents who have not been positive rolemodels. The more good female rolemodels we have in media the less confusing it would be to influencing girls.

  2. I share a lot of the same emotions you do about your mother. My mother like your mother never graduated from college. To me she is one of the most intelligent individuals I know. I admire her and look up to her in so many ways.
    I enjoy the book we are reading I enjoy the way Susan fights and sticks up for women. She has a way of helping me see the way a woman may see the world. Obviously this is just one woman, but I like her book.
    Your mother and my mother seemed to play simple roles in the eyes of the media, but the role she played in my life, I cannot speak for you, is one that will leave an imprint on my life and my children for years and years to come.
    The media often angers me in the way they portray women are treated, I want to hear from women in today's world. I don't want my wife ever to be treated poorly, I would do everything in my power so she could feel equal and I do everything I can so she feels as an equal.
    I am not discounting the fact discrimination still exists, But is it really as bad as the media portrays?

  3. As a women, I personally feel that there is no more important job than being a mother. Part of the problem I had with the book is that I felt Douglas was putting down women who made the choice to stay home and be mothers and not having a "job." I can't think of a harder job than being a mother, but I also can't think of a more rewarding one. Hopefully I'll be able to experience that someday.