Thursday, January 29, 2009

Strong and Manly

Having grown up in a pretty good sized family of seven boys there was a lot of competition and fighting that went on. Most of us played one sport or another growing up, whether it was soccer, football, basketball, baseball, or track and field. Many of us still love playing. Now you might think that because of this sporty life growing up that we were all pretty much jocks. Not true. Many of us enjoyed singing in choir. My oldest brother really enjoys reading and is pretty darn smart. Three of my brothers have daughters to raise of their own now and experience all different kinds of supposed girly things. I can enjoy a good chick flick if it's worth it, but I do love my Super Hero movies. You might also think that none of us would have ever worn pink, but that has changed as well. Now I know we made fun of each other if anything like that happened growing up, but isn't that what boys do a little bit. I suppose it might have been a little different if I had any sisters, but i didn't. I'll admit that I own a pink dress shirt and a tie that has pink stripes on it.

Growing up I'm pretty sure I lived with that "tough guise" attitude. I wasn't very mature then. I didn't always make the right choices and sometimes still don't. We all have to grow up and hope that we can change and better ourselves. We need to have good role models that are going to teach us to respect each other. And as much as I may have fought with my brothers, I didn't walk around school fighting others.

Concerning the video we watched in class, it seemed weird that even though it focused on how violent men are, think of all the men who aren't violent. Violence is what portrayed a lot in media. It's always the violent stuff that is going to appear on the news. How often do you see all the little acts of kindness that appear on TV performed by people. Yeah you see acts of kindness in news reports but they are usually pretty big ones. I hope this makes some sense. It's weird to think that we might live in a world that violence is prevalent. We need to better ourselves and set the examples for others. Maybe then society will change its attitude about this "tough guise" attitude.

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