Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sweetest Job EVER!

Surfing the Internet last night I came upon this article on Yahoo.com.


A company based out of Australia is offering an individual, picked by the company, $105,000 American dollars for six months of work. Anyone in the world can apply for this position. The person hired will live in a home on an island on the Great Barrier Reef. They will take pictures and videos of the world around them and in the reef, and show it to the world via a blog on the Internet and interviews with the media. The company is offering this job to help promote tourism in the area.

After I reading this article I'm pretty tempted to apply for the job myself. Getting this job would open so many doors to the world of communications. It would give great experience to understand what goes on a little when it comes to the news and how people are portrayed in it. Maybe the practice of writing a blog for this class would help for writing a blog for this job. It will be interesting to see how the media covers this job as i t goes forward in the hiring process and the six months that the person will live on the island.

I initially thought in a stereo typical way that the only people who might want this job are oceanographers or islander types. I originally thought these people might be the only ones with the skills to accomplish this job, but as I read it and thought about the job I realized anyone can do it if they just have the desire. Anyone can do it as long as the have the passion to want to do it and can prove to the Australian company hiring, that they are the person for the job. I guess I can ask, would you apply for the job?


  1. This is so random, i posted something about this on my blog too.

  2. That is a crazy job offer but the stereotype was probably only wrong because of the money involved. Money can change all stereotypes but for real you need to apply 105,000 in this time period would suit anyone well. Its funny how we can stereotype the most insignificant things and really not think twice about it.

  3. This is really interesting, and Adam is right, we do stereotype the littlest things without ever thinking about it. Given the stereotypes you discussed, why would they be better suited for this job? Why are those stereotypes inaccurate?