Thursday, February 12, 2009


Can I just tell you how disappointed I am in Under Armour. I really didn't like that ad that we saw in class. I don't think that they should have ever gone that way in their advertising. Under Armour gear has always in my opinion been an athletic or active wear. It almost makes it seem like if you wear their underwear you are interested in being sexually active. Not to say that's what they are going for, but I mean come on, that's just ridiculous. As I'm writing this blog my friend says, "Wait your not interested in being sexually active if your wearing Under Armour? That's what I thought."
Of course he was joking but that just proves how ridiculous the ad is.

I feel the same way about Axe body spray. Why can't a guy just walk around smelling good just to impress the ladies or just to get a complement? Why do I have feel like that if I'm going to wear Axe that I'm asking woman to come after me sexually? I enjoy wearing Axe because i think it does make me smell nice and I also enjoy the compliments that I get form the opposite sex. If any of you have seen the new commercial for Axe's new body spray, Dark Temptation, then you can understand why it's annoying what they do. It's kind of a disturbing commercial. The spray turns the guy into chocolate and the women are fawning all over him. At one point in the commercial one of the girls takes a bite out of the man's chocolate back side. Weird! Check out their web site to read what they have to say about their Axe body spray. If you click on the web site, then click on the body spray section and read what it says.

Their commercials also demean woman. It makes them seem like just an object. The woman are always flocking to the guy like he is the last man on earth. A friend of mine made a comment that also makes it seem like the women can be controlled simply by a smell. The Dark Temptation commercial also says that it's as tempting to woman just as much as chocolate is to woman. And I'm pretty sure that not all woman "love" chocolate.


  1. Amen! I am very impressed to hear a man express the same views. Thanks Andrew.

  2. Like we talked about in class it is easier for men and woman to place each other as just objects. That way it is easier for the media to justify what it is doing to each of the genders image. It makes us seem as human beings, like a sex crazed species.

  3. I agree. I hate how men and women are portrayed as objects. Not only that, everything has to be so sexual. Why would Body Armor suggest that if you wear it then a lot of sex is to be had. It makes no sense at all. The same goes for Axe. If a guy wears Axe, he is sure to get some serious action, because girl's just can't control themselves when they smell it. LIke the ad where it shows girl's not being able to resist chocolate just like they won't be able to resist you, if you're wearing Axe. So so stupid.

  4. Sex sells. I think that is the biggest part of taking an everyday object and making it sexy. They don't have an everyday person drinking coke they have a smoldering guy or a scantly dressed woman. Even when it comes to shoes they find some way to make it attractive. Another example I can think of it are those arby commercials where the guy is waiting in bed and it makes it sound like he is waiting for his wife for sex but really she is bringing him arby's and his arby's hat pops up in a sexual manner. It is an unnecessary sexual reference. Not like sexual references are ever really necessary...