Friday, February 27, 2009

Not My Kids!

I don't care what people say but I'm going to do my best to make sure my kids aren't subjected to the dirty stuff represented in the Hip Hop video we watched in class. I'm going to do my best to sensor what they watch, read, see, or listen to while they are living under mine and my future wife's roof. I know I wont always be able to control what happens as soon as they leave the house or grow up and move on, but I hope that I can teach them correct principles to be able to govern them selves to make the right choices.

I'm great full for the education I've received, making it possible for me to determine what right choices I've need to make. I'm glad that I've been given the ability to see more than what some Hip Hop videos supposedly have to offer. I will admit that I use to listen to some of the music that was in the video we watched and I will say that it didn't make me a better person. I've become a better person since removing that type of music from my life. Some people might say that I turned out just fine having listened to the type of music I did or making the mistakes I made growing up. I'm not blaming my younger self problems on music, but it can have an affect on a person. Maybe I got lucky. Not everyone is going to be lucky like I feel I am and turn out okay. I'm not saying I'm perfect, but I do love my life and where I am in it. I still listen to Hip Hop, but not on the scale portrayed in the video. That stuff in my opinion if filth. It doesn't do anyone any good. Yeah it may have a good beat, but the lyrics can represent so many wrong things with our society. No matter what anyone says, music like that is more than just the beat. In all genres of music its more than whats in the beat. There is so much more to music than the beat that moves your body.

Like I mentioned in class I think that having a good education helps a person learn what they must do treat others with respect. With a good education you can determine that humans are more than just flesh and bone or just an object. You learn of the joy of a good friendship, the beauty of art, the joys of music that will hopefully not defile the brain, the peace that if you work hard you can do so much good with your life.

It may be true to say that you are what you listen to. I hope the music on my blog can portray a little of who I am. Remember I'm not perfect and I can still improve on the type of music I listen to. I'm still trying to become a better person.

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