Thursday, March 26, 2009


Fads are a killer and I do my best to stay away from them if I can. It kills me when someone just wants to do stuff or buy things because everyone else is doing it or because it's the popular thing. For me, as I mentioned in class, I remember when the Livestrong bracelets came out to support cancer. They were so popular. It seemed as if everyone was wearing them as a fad. It was annoying. I admit I ended up wearing one myself, but it was because my father bought some for the family because he was into biking and actually cared about the cause the bracelets supported. The killer after that was the fact that everybody else was in the market of making those same kind of rubber bracelets. At one point I my-self started wearing the ones that said CTR on them. I haven't worn one in a long time though and I probably wont go back wearing one again unless it's for a pretty good reason.

We really need to stop letting mass media and major companies decide what we should wear or how we should act. When it comes down to it I will make the decisions on the cloths I will wear. I like Old Navy cloths because they are comfortable to me and they are sold at a pretty descent price. I'm the kind of guy who does his best to not spend a lot on clothing unless it's athletic wear. Even then I try to buy sports attire on sale.

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