Thursday, March 5, 2009

I'm talking about "IT" again!!

So what are we going to do about the problem we have with racism? Is it going to go away? It seems like it may not any time soon. It feels like we in society keep perpetuating the problem of racism. I've said it before and I'll say it again, let it go and then we will be better people than we were before. Don't forget racism or don't put it on the back burner, but why do we still allow racism to control us and who we are?

We had a very interesting talk in class about the different shows we see on TV and how TV is portrayed in a completely white world. I didn't make the comment in class but I think the region you live in in the United States might make a difference as to what shows are being played and at what time. I'm probably wrong. I do realize there are not as many black TV shows as whites TV shows but it has improved dramatically in the past few years. We began to talk about the "token" people of minorities that they have on white TV shows and it goes both ways. I thought about it in class. The shows that I have seen where the family's are of a minority race seem to have a token white person on the show. It's kinda interesting. I don't have a problem with it, but i just thought it was something to mention. And I also wanted to mention all the famous black actors or actors of other minority backgrounds that are being more recognized in the movie and TV world. I like Will Smith and I have never had a problem with him being black. I don't care about the color of his skin. I just like the movie he has been in and I use to enjoy watching the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. And I think Bill Cosby is hilarious. He does a good job of making jokes not about racism but just about life and the funny things that happen in it.

Like I mentioned before, I think that racism today can stem from a lack of education and the world around us. The more we become educated both school wise and street wise the better off we will be. The world needs to use its common sense better. I need to use common sense even more my self. I hope I can be better.


  1. Good thoughts. I agree that racism is much more likely to happen when people aren't educated. I think we all could do better when it comes to different races. We all make stereotypes and generalizations about other races, so we all have work to do.

  2. The amount of white tv show to black tv shows is still very uneven. Why don't we just have mixed television shows? It is sad that you see most casts being white like Bones, Two and Half Men, Boston Legal. Look at Seved by the Bell. That cast was completely mixed and it was a great show. I have noticed that alot of the Disney shows have mixed casts as well. I don't mind having a cast all one color but it would just mix things up a little bit to have a MIX.