Friday, April 3, 2009

Who Knows?

I'll be honest. I can say that I've never really that all that much about where my clothes are being made. I suppose that the problem is is that I should be more concerned. I suppose that's part of how we live in our society. We tend to just live our lives day to day and not worry about all the mundane things that are going on around us. I know for sure that I sometimes look at the tags on my clothing or other peoples clothing to see what country they are made in, but I hardly ever think about what the conditions are like in the factories the clothes are made. I guess I've never taken the time to really think about it. And that's probably a horrible thing to say. I guess my hope is that the companies I buy my clothes from are being morally right and not treating their employees horrible.

I do think sometimes about the music I buy and listen to. I'll sometimes buy a whole CD and not listen to all the songs on it because of some of the lyrics or meanings within the songs I choose not to listen to. But the problem arises that, am I still supporting them in those songs even though I am not listening to them? I'm pretty sure I've had this discussion with my mom before. I had a friend tell me once the Michael Buble is not a very nice guy and I wasn't to happy to hear that because I like listening to him and hearing something like that kinda disturbs me. My hope is that it's not true and he is a nice guy.

I feel sorry for the people who do suffer because of the businesses and marketer's who choose to exploit those suffering for their own profit and good. Why does anyone feel the right to treat other humans as less than them and abuse them. Whether you believe in God or not you should always see someone as being your equal as a human being. It's just not fair to see people treated like animals. If you watch the show "Dirty Jobs" on the Discovery channel you will see that without those people who are willing to work the working class jobs than there wouldn't be sky scrapers that have nice comfy offices for some others to work in. We tend to forget that every human is important and plays a vital role in our societies existence. When we forget this principle that's when racism, sexism, or any other type of hatred fall's into play.

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  1. You are right about us going about our lives without thinking much about what we consume, etc. I too haven't thought extensively about the origins of my clothes until recently. I have noticed that most everything comes from China, Malaysia, or an Asian country. Apart from lots of t-shirts that come from the U.S.A. It is disturbing that so many people that provide for our consumer goods are abused and live in such stressful and deplorable conditions around the world. What do we do about it?