Thursday, May 21, 2009

Clifton "DANGER" Chandler

As Many of you may know or not know, I am friend with a young man by the name of Clifton Dean Chandler. About a week ago he chose to blog about me on his own blog. He makes it sound like I begged him to do it, but whatever. It's been done. I thought to my self, blog about him. So to Cliff I say, "here goes nothing."

1) Danger is not his middle name. Though he wishes it thoroughly it will never happen unless he spends thousands of dollars to do so. However, he is dangerous. But not to be feared. A gentle giant he is. Only scary if provoked and even then I wouldn't go running under a rock or something. But lets just say I've never tested those waters.

2) Very few people know how to really push my buttons. Most of them being my family members, whom I love dearly. Cliff has figured out a way to do it and it drives me nuts. I can think of a few times where I have actually yelled or snapped back at him. He has this way of taking whatever situation I seem to be venting about and mock me for it. One time I remember we were playing ultimate frisbee, its hammer time, and I was getting a little frustrated with how people were playing and i was vocalizing my opinion. Well Cliff thought it would be great to mock me in the process and boy did I yell at him. Most likely later I may have apologized, but I don't remember exactly. Oh well, he and I are friends!

3) He sees everything, or so he says. Most of his friends tend to agree. Cliff tends to be pretty observant. He can usually tell when someone is not in the greatest of moods or if they aren't their normal selves. It seems to be pretty hard to keep things from Cliff. A lot of the time he uses this power for good. Mainly to help a friend feel better or just to be observant. He is always watching!! So beware!!

4) Since we have been playing ultimate frisbee together he has gotten much better. I'm no expert but almost every time we play he seems to pull off something amazing. Maybe a finger tip catch or even some amazing hammer throw that seems to make its way to the person he is aiming for. I recently taught him something amazing and I think it has changed his life forever. If you want to know what it is you'll have to ask him yourself. One of these days he'll amaze me by diving full out for the frisbee. I believe you can do it Cliff!

5) Never fear Cliff is here. There in a moments notice he will help. Always diligent to help a friend in need. Whether it be listening with his ear or pulling out one of his three knives he usually caries to serve as protection or opening up some pesky package, he's there to help.

So ladies, if you're looking for a man to spend eternity with, you don't have to look far. He is every girls dream and every mans worst fear. To Cliff I say thanks for being a good friend. I know we don't always tend to agree but we have had many more good times than bad times, to which I am grateful. Stay true Captain Danger!


  1. Thanks, Andrew. I think I might have just wiped away a single tear. Probably not, though. And I'll tell you what, there's a reason why you've never tested the waters of provoking me. It is dangerous.

  2. Hey now, don't be marketing off Cliff to other women, he's my soulmate!