Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Man, finding a job is no fun. A person spends so much of their time educating themselves trying to figure out what they want to do in life, and when they finally figure it out there is nothing available.

For months I have been checking websites looking for openings at businesses throughout the greater Seattle area, I've applied to jobs at Eddie Bauer, Microsoft and ROOT Sports (local sports broadcast company.) I have yet to receive a letter from any of them saying they would love to have me in for an interview to meet the awesomeness that I am and then hire me. Oh boy would it be great to get an interview.

Here in lies the problem, they all want years of experiences. And that brings up the ultimate question. Where do you get this experience if everyone wants you to have experience before you hire them? I don't get it. I haven't spent my life wasting my time in school learning the knowledge needed to get one of these jobs only to be told I need more experience to get one. My understanding is that you get this experience at these jobs. Maybe I'm wrong.

I lived a brief stint as a Costco employee for a few months but that was just seasonal and ended in early January. So since then I have been unemployed for the most part, sometimes helping my dad at his bagel shop as well as helping my brother when he needs it doing remodeling. I am truly grateful for that because without those little jobs I would probably have no money, and I have some bills to pay. (My parents are awesome for letting me bum off of them.) One bright thing occurred recently when Costco called me last week. They liked me just enough to call back and ask if I wanted a permanent part-time job working the front end. So I start back there again soon. I still plan on looking for my career job as I work there.

I guess one of the points I want to make is that I need to create that experience for myself that these companies are looking for. (Are you telling me you didn't pick that up from reading the above paragraphs? Oh well, I'm telling you now.) So in order to create that experience I have though about writing more within this blog pertaining to more interesting things I see in the world or writing about my opinions concerning what's going on in the world around  me.

Another idea I had was staring a podcast. What do you my friends think? Should I start one? If so, what should I talk about? I present this to you. I would love to hear your ideas about topics I should cover. I would love any thoughts about what people might be interested in hearing about.

Thanks for reading.

Until next time!!

PS: Here's a before and after pic of a kitchen my brother and I remodeled.


  1. I think a podcast would be great! Whatever you talk about just make sure it's something you're passionate about. I had the same problem as you, not having enough experience. I find as you work at jobs that you didn't think you wanted as a career, you meet people and gain enough experience to get you to that next level where you can apply to a better job. An internship never hurt either. And you could probably do an unpaid one while still living with your parents. You might get contacts from an internship or it could turn into a paid job. :) Good luck!

  2. That kitchen looks awesome! I agree about the internship thing, but you might need to be a student currently to get one (that was my problem). You can always volunteer as a way of gaining experience. I would also ask some one who is doing what you want to do if you could take them out to "coffee" so you can pick their brain. Of course the un spoken rule there is that you CANNOT ask THEM for a job...only advice. Good luck and yay costco :)